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HUSKEY 650 HT OIL is a blend of the finest quality pure synthetic base oil and additives available and is formulated with Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly). Superior performance capabilities are derived from special properties of the synthetic base oil coupled with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. HUSKEY 650 HT OIL is truly a multi-service lubricant for extended service under extremely high and low temperature conditions from -35°F to 500°F with dry film lubrication to 850°F.


  • PLATING ACTION: Fortified with sub-micron size moly particles, it impregnates the metal surface, filling in the metal imperfections.
  • FRICTION IS LOWERED: By the unique quality of moly reducing contact area temperature, resulting in increased working life of both the oil and the metal surface.
  • CLEANSING ACTION: The outstanding feature of this oil is its lack of carbon residue or tendency to form sludge or varnish deposits as higher temperatures are reached


HUSKEY 650 HT OIL was designed for chain and bearing applications in lithograph ovens, heat treating, paint dryers, kilns, stenter frame chains and many other high temperature conditions.

Package Availability

  • Convenient 1 gal. Jugs (4/case)
  • 5 gal. Pail
  • 15 gal. Keg
  • 55 gal. Drum

Typical Specifications

Product: 650 H.T. OIL

Base Solid: Molybdenum Disulfide

Base Type: Synthetic

Color: Moly Gray
Pour Point, °F-35
Flash Point, °F500
Viscosity Index, Min85
Base Oil Viscosity,
SUS @ 100°F
SUS @ 210°F
cSt @ 40°C87
cSt @ 100°C9.8
Conradson Carbon, %.001
Gravity, API11.3
Evaporation Loss, %2
4-ball Wear Scar, mm (40 Kg, 1 hr, @ 1200 rpm, 167°F)0.5

The name of this product or group of products is for product identification only. HUSK-ITT CORPORATION makes no warranties, representations or conditions of any kind expressed or implied, whether for merchantability or fitness with respect to these products. The final determination of the suitability of the products for the application contemplated by the user is the sole responsibility of the buyer. HUSK-ITT CORPORATION sales personnel are not authorized to amend this warranty limitation.