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HUSKEY VALVE CHEAT-HER is an advanced concept for general purpose valve lubrication and sealing; plus excellent anti-seize properties to minimize valve freeze up. HUSKEY VALVE CHEAT-HER has a balanced blend of lubricating additives designed to release frozen or hard to operate valves while still providing a good seal against products in the line. HUSKEY VALVE CHEAT-HER does not contain any solvents or clay fillers that dry out and harden in the lube journals of the valve.


  • Contains no solvents or clay fillers — will not dry out or harden
  • Broad Serviceability Range — almost a universal lubricant/sealant
  • Keeps valves operating free and allows for better adjustment
  • You only need ONE valve lubricant — less chance for error
  • Works wonders in both old and new valves
  • Cuts down time and triples life of valve


HUSKEY VALVE CHEAT-HER is designed for use in all lubricated valves in hydrocarbon, LPG, aromatics, natural gas, aqueous solutions, acids, caustics, general high temperature and many other services.

CAUTION: HUSKEY VALVE CHEAT-HER is not for oxygen use.

Package Availability

  • Small Sticks For Screw Type Lubricators
  • J & K Gun Sticks
  • 5 qt. Can
  • 15 gal. Keg

Typical Specifications


Color: Black

Texture: Tenacious and Smooth

Base Oils: Synthetic

Thickener: Synthetic

Service Temperature: 30°F to 700°F

Dropping Point: None

Special Additives: Molybdenum Disulfide & Graphite and Sub-Micron PTFE

The name of this product or group of products is for product identification only. HUSK-ITT CORPORATION makes no warranties, representations or conditions of any kind expressed or implied, whether for merchantability or fitness with respect to these products. The final determination of the suitability of the products for the application contemplated by the user is the sole responsibility of the buyer. HUSK-ITT CORPORATION sales personnel are not authorized to amend this warranty limitation.