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HUSKEY VALVE PURGE is an especially formulated product designed to clean and free stuck or chronic hard-to-operate valves. HUSKEY VALVE PURGE contains molybdenum disulfide and graphite compounded in a synthetic grease base and utilizing a non-ozone depleting solvent to aid in pumpability.


HUSKEY VALVE PURGE prevents costly down time, greatly reduces repair and maintenance costs and extends valve life to its maximum. It also increases operating efficiency to its highest level.

Note: HUSKEY VALVE PURGE is not recommended as a lubricant or sealant. HUSKEY VALVE CHEAT-HER should be used once the valve is operating freely. Also, for best results, move valve while injecting VALVE PURGE.


HUSKEY VALVE PURGE can be used in most all types of valves; plug, gate or ball. It works as an anti-seize, penetrant and lubricant that dissolves harmful residue and unwanted build-ups.

Service Rating

30°F to 600°F

Package Availability

  • 1 gal. Can (4/case)
  • 5 gal. Pail
  • Empty 5 qt. Can Supplied With Order

Typical Specifications


Color: Black

Texture: Smooth and Tenacious

Base Oils: Synthetic

Thickener: Synthetic

Special Additives: Molybdenum Disulfide, Graphite

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