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HUSKEY WIRELINE DRESSING is a heavy duty, tenacious, semi-synthetic penetrating grease fortified with sub-micron size particles of Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly) and Graphite. This high performance liquid grease goes on as a liquid to penetrate to the core of the wire rope. After it penetrates and coats the metal surfaces, the carrier solvent evaporates, leaving behind a tough, durable grease film that protects under the most adverse conditions.

HUSKEY WIRELINE DRESSING completely protects the core of wire rope and all metal surfaces from moisture, chemicals, salt water and other corrosive conditions. The balanced blend of lubricating solids and extreme pressure additives provides excellent lubricity and low coefficient of friction to minimize excessive shock loads and reduce wear.


  • Penetrates
  • Withstands Extreme Pressures
  • Wide Temperature Range (0°F to 450°F)
  • Extremely resistant to Water Washout
  • Excellent Metal Adherence
  • Will Not Melt or Run Out
  • Reduces Wear


HUSKEY WIRELINE DRESSING is designed primarily for wire rope and cable protection and lubrication. Excellent results have been found on application to open gears, roller chains, sliding surfaces, gibs, guides and ways, etc., where a liquid application is required or preferred. HUSKEY WIRELINE DRESSING is easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping.

HUSKEY WIRELINE DRESSING penetrates deep into the core of wire lines carrying the oils and lubricating solids to provide maximum protection from wear due to twisting, bending, and stretching.

Package Availability

  • 5 gal. Pail
  • 15 gal. Keg
  • 55 gal. Drum


Color: Black

Base Oil: Semi-Synthetic

Thickener: Synthetic

Appearance: Black Fluid as received
TestASTM Test MethodResults After Solvent Evaporation
Worked Penetration (without solvent carrier)
60 Strokes
10,000 Strokes
Base Oils Viscosity,
SUS @ 100°F
SUS @ 210°F
Pour Point, °FD-97-0
Flash Point, °FD-92450
Dropping Point °FD-566NONE
Corrosion Preventative TestD-1743PASS
Timken OK Load, lbs.D-250960

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